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H. G. Bishop Rewis Visits and Blesses the New Church

On December 4th, His Grace Bishop Rewis visited our church to speak a word of benefit after the liturgy and blessed the new church. May God keep his life for us many years to come.

Bishop Kozman Prays Liturgy and Ordains New Deacons

H.G. Bishop Kozman blessed us with his presence on Sunday, November 6th to pray the Liturgy and ordained deacons to the rank of Epsaltos.

Cana of Galilee & El-Mariamat Anniversary Meeting

Fr. Jacob Nadian blessed us with his presence and enlightened us with his knowledge on November 5th as the Cana of Galilee and the El-Mariamat Meetings celebrated their Anniversary.

Fundraising Dinner - Oct. 29, 2011

Thanks to all who came out and helped support the church. May God bless the effort of all to the glory of His Name.

All Saints Day 2011

On October 31st our beloved kids dressed and talked about their favoutite saints as they celebrated All Saints' Day

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