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Some notes on the Paramon of the Nativity Feast

"Paramon" is a Greek word that precisely means "Extraordinary preparation" as the word Paramount in English, which signifies something of great concern or importance. This naming is used for the day that precedes the feasts of Nativity or Epiphany. The rite of the Paramon is to fast with complete abstinence until sunset and the liturgy is prayed in the regular annual tune. However, in the liturgy, all hours of the book of Agpeya are prayed until the 12th hour, and fish is not allowed.

If the Paramon falls on a Saturday or Sunday, during which there is neither Metanoias nor abstinence from food, we should fast (with abstinence) the day before which is usually a Friday. In this case, the Paramon becomes two or three days, that is to say. If the Nativity Feast falls on a Sunday, we would have a two-day Paramon, Saturday and Sunday. If it falls on a Monday, we would have a three-day Paramon, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and no eating of fish during these Paramon days, however abstinence would be on Friday only. If the feasts of Nativity or Epiphany fall on any day other than Sunday or Monday, the Paramon becomes only one day.

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