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The Church of Archangel Michael and St. Tekla

While the history of the Church of Archangel Michael and St Tekla officially started in 1992, its roots date back much further in history. In fact it started in Egypt approximately 70 years ago.

A simple man from one of the villages of Egypt was named Abouna Mikhael Ibrahim when he was ordained to serve his beloved Lord as a priest in 1951. This simple priest spoke very few words in his life, yet his voice reached successive generations on the other side of the globe, in Canada. It reminds us of what the King and Prophet David wrote in his Psalm:

3 There is no speech nor language
Where their voice is not heard.

4 Their line has gone out through all the earth,
And their words to the end of the world.“(Psalm 19)

Abouna Mikhael Ibrahim had a disciple by the name of Samy Kamel. In 1959 he was also ordained to be a priest by the name of Abouna Bishoy Kamel, serving in St George Church in Alexandria, Egypt. Following the footsteps of his teacher, he also had many disciples. One of these disciples was ordained to serve in a new church just a few blocks away from St. George, called St Tekla. The priest’s name was Abouna Angelos. In the early nineties his holiness, The Pope Shenouda sent Abouna Angelos to Canada to serve at St Mary’s church in Mississauga. Like his teacher, he wanted to build a Church to serve the congregation living in the outskirts of the region. In 1992, Brampton was the city of choice and of course the Church had to be called St Tekla. As with any work in his name, our Lord had his own plan for the Brampton Church. After sending his word to the Brampton congregation through many of his good workers, he crowned the mission with Abouna Morcos. To close the loop, Abouna Morcos is a disciple of the same Abouna Mikhael Ibrahim that started this entire chain of growth back in 1951. It is as if the lord is illustrating his plan for us, highlighting that everything is done in its due time according to his will, culminating in the best results for us.

Since his arrival in 2000, Abouna Marcos labored following his Lord’s command to build a house for him. He first started to build a temple for the Lord in every one of his children’s heart, which ultimately gave birth to the beautiful structure that stands tall on Highway 10 and Mayfield Rd.

Here is a list of God angels that Shepherded the flock in St Tekla through the years:

  • Fr Bishoy (now known as Anba Boulos the bishop of central Africa).
  • Fr Tadros; God bless his soul and we ask for his prayers in heavenly Jerusalem.
  • Fr Bishoy (serving now the congregation of St Mark church in Washington, DC).
  • Fr John (now serving in St Mark’s Church in Scarborough and also many missions into West Africa)
  • Fr Mitias who prayed on the Saturday’s during transition periods. ( He serves in St Mina Church in Hamilton)